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Extract from "The Story of Two Noble Lives"

Extract from "The Story of Two Noble Lives" by Augustus J C Hare, published by George Allen in London in 1893.

(A book about Lord and Lady Canning)

Volume 11, page 369.

"Friday, Dec. 4 (1857). - The poor woman whose baby I was godmother to brought it to show before embarking for England. Her husband had just been promoted to a good appointment in Cawnpore before the mutiny there. He was an officer of the line in engineer employment. They went to the neighbourhood of the entrenchment and pitched a little tent outside. He felt it was very unsafe, and that at any moment the troops might rise, and he put his wife and two or three little girls in a carriage, with two sepoys of his regiment sitting in top to guard them. It was the last carriage that went along the road from Cawnpore to Allahabad ! She said people were taking their evening drives as if nothing unusual was at hand, and this was the very end of May, more that a fortnight after Meerut. At Allahabad a friend had given her a share in her room at the fort just before the mutiny on June 6. I cannot describe the feeling of seeing those little innocent sweet-looking children, who so very narrowly escaped being murdered, or, as they say, thrown up into the air and caught on bayonets !

"I knew nothing about this poor Mrs. Angelo, but she and Mrs. Mawe were both in the same house, and their babies were born the same week. I could not refuse when she asked me to be its godmother. Mrs Talbot stood for me. The Government pensions her and her children, and I find she is generously dealt with in getting a year's salary of her husband, and the charity fund pays passage and gives outfit. The husband must have been killed in the boats.

RFM Canning 12/96

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