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1826-1857 (No 22) (P)

Parents Frederick Angelo
1800-1869 (No 44)
Catherine Ogden Anderson
1802-1863 (No 45)
Born Kurnaul, India October 6th 1826.
Baptised Baptised Kurnaul, District of Cawnpore, Nov 30th 1826 by Edward White, Chaplain. N1/14/179
Education (1) Dr Greig, Leytonstone
(2) Addiscombe 1843-1844 (as Cadet)
Military Career (E.I.C.)
Dec 9th 1844 Seniority date (passed entry exam). Promoted Ensign. L/MIL/9/272
Jan 20th 1845 Sailed from Gravesend to travel "overland" to Calcutta. L/MIL/9/203/137
Mar 14th 1845 Attached to 50 BNI at Alleyghur. Z/L/MIL/10/1
Feb 10th 1846 Appointed to 16th Bengal Native Infantry (Grenadiers) at Dinapur. "Red" no 504
Oct 25th 1847 Faced General Court Martial at Dinapur "conduct unbecoming", received "severe reprimand". L/MIL/10/43
Dec. 1847 Moved with Regt. to Barrackpore.
Jan 6th 1850 Promoted Lieutenant.
Apr. 1850 Moved with Regt. to Benares.
Dec. 1852 Moved with Regt. to Delhi.
Nov 12th 1853 Seconded to Dept. of Public Works, N.W. Provinces as Deputy Superintendent in charge of 5th Division Ganges Canal.
May 14th 1857 Moved to Cawnpore as Superintendent 4th (Terminal) Division of the Canal.
Marriage At St. Mary's Church, Benares. Oct 31st 1850 to Helena Elizabeth Cumming 1817-1908 (No 23) (NB no mention of name "Gordon" on certificate) By licence, by Julian Robinson, Chaplain. Witnesses: W.Heberden, W.Forbes, C.Stewart. N/1/78/342
Children (1)Helena Adelaide Cortland Angelo (No 11)
Born Etawah, Mynpoorie Jun 22nd 1853, d.1911
(2)Catherine ("Aunt Kitty") Cortland Angelo
Born Etawah 1854, died Hove 1949
(3)Frederick Canning Cortland Angelo
Born Calcutta Sep 21st 1857 (godson of Lady
Canning) Killed Fort Battye, Afganistan Mar
26th 1880. Lieut. 31 Punjab NI (Cortland's)


(Afghan Campaigns
1878/1880 by
Died Killed at the Satichaura Ghat in the massacre at Cawnpore Jun 27th 1857. L/MIL/10/65
Memorials Two in All Souls Church, Kanpur (1) Name listed on general memorial tablets behind altar.
(2) Personal tablet in north aisle "erected by his sorrowing widow".
See also (1) Helena Angelo (wife) diary.
(2) Addiscombe Register
(3) Cadet Papers (Ref no 137, pages 237/243)
(4) Report of Court Martial

	(A) ADDISCOMBE RECORDS          L/MIL/9/335    Index ref.38
	Folio in cadet book: 1841-124    Name: Frederick Cortland Angelo
	Date of passing Committee: 3 Feb. 1843  Age: 16  No of cert.: 137
	By whom nominated:   J.P.Muspratt Esq
	By whom recommended: £Col. I.Elphinstone.
	First  Instalment:   £50.2.2     When paid: 1st  Feb 1843
	Second Instalment:   £50.0.0     When paid: 11th Jul 1843
	Third  Instalment:   £50.0.0     When paid: 30th Jan 1844
	Fourth Instalment:   £50.0.0     When paid: 30th Jul 1844
	To be received by in case of sudden removal: Capt Peever, Clapham
	                                             Dr Andrew, 8 Chandos St.
	Date of birth or baptism: born 6 Oct 1826
	Date of passing public examination: 9 Dec 1844
	Remarks: Bengal Infantry. Overland 20 Jan 1845

	Frederick Cortland Angelo
	50th. NI.
	"Tried by court martial on a charge of unbecoming conduct in having 
	detained in his possession certain ornaments belonging to a native 
	woman, who died when under Ensign Angelo's protection and having 
	repeatedly declined delivering them up to the parents of the deceased; 
	of having routed (sic) and severely beaten with a stick the brother and 
	mother of the said deceased; and in having conducted himself with great 
	disrespect to his Commanding Officer, Lieut. Colonel Gardner. Acquitted 
	of the 1st. instance of the charge and found guilty of the remainder 
	with the exception of the words "mother" and "great" of which the court 
	acquitted him. Sentenced to be publicly and severely reprimanded."
	GQ. 23 Nov' 47
	NB(1). NAM index of India Army Officers indicates the GCM took place at 
	       Dinapore on 25th. Oct. 1847.  (I.M. 2 Feb. 1848 pp 71-2).
	NB(2). According to army list the Commanding officer was Lieut. Col.
	(C) MEMORIAL TABLET, All Souls Church, Kanpur.
	to the memory of
	16th Grenadiers. B.N.I. 
	Superintendent of the 4th division Ganges Canal
	who fell in the Mutiny at Cawnpore
	on the 27th June 1857
	in the 32nd year of his age
	"Jesus said I am the resurrection and the life.
	He that believeth in me, though he were dead,
	yet shall he live." St John XI 25.
	This tablet is erected by his sorrowing widow.  

RFM No. 22 9/87

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