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The Angelos - their origins in Britain

The Angelos were an Italian family that settled in Britain in the mid 18th century. They used the names Angelo, Tremamando and Malevolti in various orders and combinations. When they became anglicised they kept the name Angelo and dropped the others.

The first member of the family to arrive was Domenico Angelo Malevolti who set up in London as a teacher of equitation and, in particular, fencing. His establishment became "fashionable" and he counted among his clients members of the Royal Family and the Nobility. His descendants continued to teach fencing and swordsmanship for several generations. He married an English woman. One of his grandsons taught swordsmanship at both Addiscombe and Haileybury.

Through the patronage of his powerful clients Domenico obtained an appointment with the EIC army for his nephew Anthony Angelo Malevolti Tremamando. Anthony, who served as a cavalry officer, went to India in 1778. After a spell in the Governor General's Bodyguard he became Riding Master to the army. He also married an English woman. The large number of Angelos who served in India are his descendants. There is a considerable amount about him in the book "Historical Records of the Viceroy's Body Guard" by V C P Hodson (1910)

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