History of this site

I will try to keep a record of work done in reverse order.

21st August, 2001 After a very long time I've returned to the family tree to do some more work. Nicholas Parsons e-mailed me to say that his son, Alexander is getting married to Samantha Gore, so I added that. I added the Endacott family tree back to the 17th century.
17th February, 2001 Added family trees for John Muir and below. Brought the list of direct ancestors up to date.
12th February, 2001

I've added STEUART and LOGAN family trees, the Steuarts go right back to King James II of Scotland (1430-1460). I've still got a few more family trees to add, but I'm nearly there.

I've been getting some good feedback on the family trees, thanks if that was you. I've had some particularly interesting information from Barrie Clifford who is also descended from Philip Van Cortlandt, through his son Jacop Ogden. He has sent me loads of really interesting stuff. In particular he directed me to a great web site which deals with Loyalists at the time of the American Revolution. This makes fascinating reading. Thanks a lot Barrie.

29th January, 2001 I've redesigned the individual people's pages, they now have hyperlinks to their children.
20th January, 2001 I've at last finished my huge reorganisation. Everyone now has a unique i.d. and this is used to name their individual pages and their family trees. The name of the family tree is taken from the father at the highest level of the tree. I have had to modify every filename and every reference on every page so it's taken some time. I've built an access database that contains every person on the trees as well as their relationships so that I can build on screen family trees for anyone in the database. One day I would like to use this to automatically generate the html.

I've also redesigned all the pages. I have decided to use a simplified method for showing the relationship between parent and child. Instead of using:
I am now using colours so that parents have the same background colour as their children. This is not as good as the old method but will make creating and maintaining family trees a lot easier.

I've now got some new family trees to add.
12th November, 2000 Fixed some minor errors on some of the family trees. I've decided to completely change the way in which I hold data on all the people on our family tree. I'm reorganising my database and I've been working hard learning about GEDCOM and designing an Access database that can be converted to GEDCOM without too much trouble.
14th October, 2000 Still waiting for some new material from my father... The big news is that I've changed my hosting arrangements. This site is now properly hosted by Pair. http://www.TheMuirFamily.com is now a real domain owned by me.
3rd September, 2000 Corrected a few errors that people had pointed out to me. Added the generation number to the various indexes of all the people (as requested by my father). Added a header line to each index page.
27th August, 2000 Worked on linking people to the new index. Removed many of the notes and added pages for various people who are not direct ancestors. Modified the home page.
26th August, 2000 Added an index of every person currently on the family trees on this site (there are currently 508 people).
24th August, 2000 Added Edmond Whiteway, William Whiteway and Richard Whiteway, which completed the Whiteway family tree back to mid 16th century.
23rd August, 2000 Added a page on things that I plan to do in the future. Started work on the Whiteway family tree. Added Richard Whiteway (and moved his son Richard's children from the Angelo tree to the Whiteway tree), Thomas Whiteway
21st August, 2000 Continued work adding the Muir family tree. Added Archibald Muir (1662), another Archibald Muir, John Muir and another John Muir. This completed the work on the new Muir family tree, which now stretches back to the mid 16th century.
20th August, 2000 My father has sent me up some new family trees and I've started work on adding these. I added a page for Francis Muir. I've also started working on publicising the site. I've added meta tags to all the pages so that search engines can correctly categorise the site. I visited the Muir Family Genealogy Forum and posted a message there. I also visited some of the main genealogy newsgroups and posted messages there.
6th August, 2000 Continued work on notes. I added a guide to Roman Numerals, a list of sources for family historians, a basic chart of steps in researching family history and Explanation of terms and phrases found in wills, which completed the notes section.
30th July, 2000 Continued work on the notes. I added information on birth, marriage and death certificates, an explanation of the ancestor numbering system, an example of the numbering system in relation to our family, information on the organisation of the church of England, information on the date changes in the 18th c, information on material available in the India Office Library and a list of Latin phrases and translations.
27th July, 2000 I started work on transferring my father's teaching material to the web. I added a list of useful addresses, a checklist for army ancestors, a list of books and Information contained in Census Returns.
20th July, 2000 Well, that's it. I've stopped work until after my father's birthday. There's so much more that I had hoped to do before then but I've got to have a cut off point. I'll resume work after his birthday.
18th July, 2000 I've done a lot of work over the last few days without updating this page. I've completed the Van Cortlandt's family tree. This is the only tree that goes back 11 generations to 17th century. I tidied up the way that notes are handled. You'll see that where there are notes I put noten which takes you to the notes page where you can find the notes. I created a whole set of pages on the Angelo family.
7th July, 2000 Finished the Angelo tree and updated the map. That's all the family trees finished for the time being. I want to start adding some biographical detail to the family tree.
28th June, 2000 Did a family tree for Frederick Cortlandt Angelo (who was killed at the Cawnpore massacre).
26th June, 2000 Completed the Whitfield family tree. Updated the map.
25th June, 2000 Finished Andrew (Reo) Muir's family tree. Realised that I could no longer use the naming convention that I had intended, as the numbers only relate to direct ancestors of mine (I've still got a lot to learn about this genealogy lark). I've started using the surname and the initial as the name. This may not work either but it'll do for the time being. Added Dr. Ernest Muir's family tree. Colour coded the third generation on each tree so that the relationship is clearer. Added a link to the map at the top of each family tree. Completed the Muir family tree from Rev Francis Muir by including all Aunt Betty's (Elizabeth (Betty) Muir) children and grandchildren. Redesigned the map changing it from a horizontal design to vertical. Added trees for George Whitfield, and Patricia Whitfield. Capitalised all surnames.
18th June, 2000 Generated HTML pages from my father's database of ancestors. Wrote a VBA program that exported the records in an Access database to individual pages. Wrote another program that generated an index of names. 108 new pages created, not a bad morning's work! I also created links between the existing family trees and the individual pages and back again.
12th June, 2000 Started work on the map of the site. Added my great grandfather's generation - 00000280.
11th June, 2000 Added index.html, welcome.html and about.html.
1st June, 2000 Started work on the site, created 00000282.html (my father's and my family tree) and 00000486.html (the generation above). Decided on the layout of the family trees.
30th May, 2000 Retrieved some material from my father so that I could make a start on the project.