Index to notes

These notes comprised some of the material that my father developed for his course on genealogy. They are intended to be used as part of a taught course, however there is much useful information here and I managed to persuade my father to let me publish this material here. It should be noted that as we live in the United Kingdom, most of the material is biassed toward the United Kingdom.

  1. Useful addresses for family historians
  2. Checking for army ancestors
  3. Books for family historians. New ones are continually being published so such a list can never be up to date.
  4. Gives information shown on Census returns
  5. Gives information shown on Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates
  6. Shows generation and individual ancestor numbering systems
  7. The organisation of the Church of England, useful in, among other things, understanding the way in which wills were "proved"
  8. Explains the changes in the calendar that occurred in England in the mid 18th c.
  9. See 6 above. The two columns headed 1 a 2 give in 1 generations at 25 year gaps and in 2 the earliest date of birth recorded in each generation, not necessarily in the same line, in our family
  10. List information useful to family historians available in the India Office Library, now part of the British Library
  11. Latin phrases come across by researchers
  12. Explains Roman numerals
  13. A list of sources for family historians
  14. A basic chart of steps in researching family history
  15. Explanation of terms and phrases found in wills