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VAN CORTLANDT**, Oloff Stevense (1600/1610-1684)

CName Oloff Stevense
Generation 11
Birth c. 1600/1610, Netherlands
Profession Soldier, municipal & provincial office holder, a commissioner of Indian affairs, brewer etc.
Death 1684
Notes Founder of New World branch of van C. family. Arrived in New Netherlands 1683
Spouse Annetje LOCKERMAN (- )
Marriage 1642, New Amsterdam
Issue Stephanus VAN CORTLANDT** (1643-1700)
Maria VAN CORTLANDT (1645-1689)
John VAN CORTLANDT (1648-1667)
Sophia VAN CORTLANDT (1651-1729?)
Catherine VAN CORTLANDT (1652-1730)
Cornelia VAN CORTLANDT (1655-1682)
Jacobus VAN CORTLANDT (1658-1739)
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